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            The sonic narrative brings to life some form of knowledge, in this particular case, it's a fairy tale story conveyed through sound waves, but it can be any form of knowledge. My approach to sound mapping utilizes a technique called, "The S.A.N.I CAN Technique." In thanks to grammatical relationships that somehow exist between subject, emotion, and achievement statements, [Subject = Adjective + Noun] those subtle energies are, metaphorically speaking, transpositional to sound. The human mind has two sides, an emotional left side, and the logical right side. When these two half's become one, even the undeterminable, or subject, can at least be described. In line with the S.A.N.I CAN equation, adjective and noun form a descriptive synthesis of the subject, which is equal to the sound being produced. Sound is deeply connected with memory, both conscious and subconscious, so by rethinking our natural reaction to a sound, we find ourselves able to describe in answer to complexity, and  phenomenon, with insightful progressivism. Now the sound can be composed, and the word groups committed to memory in agreement with the rules of the arrangement, it's objectives, and the language at hand. This technique gives us a way to work with sound theoretically. What is the example at hand and why that particular sound? What does it achieve? How can that help us feel about the subject? The ambiguity in sonics can be described and analyzed, for the affirmation of a new plan, explanation, or dream that's up for consideration. Beyond everything, a solution to the "why" question once realized, can lead us into a relevant progression of understanding the world in which we live.

That's all I'm asking for an autographed home made copy of the unpublished, "SonicNarration."

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*The content of the CD will be the same that's presented on the listening page. 26 Songs. "Sonic Narration."
Music: Cultural repetition
CD Artwork: Consanguineous holiness
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