WARNING Life: Sexual adventure

       Gallery01 would like to warn you, the online viewer, that this perticular show contains material that is of ADULT nature. The model is over 18. No money was or will be exchanged for these images. By pressing the "I'm over 18" button, you commit to view male nudity. Penis, butt, legs, you'll see everything, so the law says you have to be over 18 to do that. If your not old enough then you should press the leave button instead.
    I, NaliahMC am aware that I have First Amendment Rights. You have rights too. Life: Sexual adventure. Vegan for Tastable monotheism. This is performative artwork that in my considerate consciousness, or open togetherness, is not obscene at all! Naked for Natural innocence. The truth is, "The Lord has delivered me through a cantaloupe into a Vegan."
    The morning, of the creation of these two sexy movies, I truely felt the touching approval of The Living God all around me. All I say here is true, and the need has not returned. Now I feel like my body is full of all the meat and cheese that I could ever eat, and I can't eat another bite! That's why this unique material is not offensive, instead it's clean in that the overall arousal level low, and the message moraly consistant with faultless eager playfulness.  
    The Lord does reward intelligent behavior, and lust without carnal knowledge will make more sense as beautiful., O.K. Tip: Begin with an apple, now stay in the garden, let the apple show you how to eat, what you might like and so forth.
    This ADULT material is kind to animals, and the rights of all people in that my nudity contains a message about humanity: intelligent, pure, and forgivable. Are you alright? Be Well.