Pornographic Movie #1 & 2.

     These two short movies are about the very moment one becomes truely Vegan. I felt my aura was speaking, the day it finnally happened for me,  so I made video of a most precious moment. The moment I became Vegan.
Currently on Exhibit:
"The Nude Messiah" Life: Sexual adventure

        A series of self portraits on the erotic spirituality behind the complete acceptance of a Vegan diet. After all, what is the value of cheese in comparison to lust? "Having gone through the PROCESS myself, I know it helps to see the thought forms that make a meat eater turn into a Vegetarian or Vegan."
Life: Sexual adventure
Wear a Condom: Important intention, think, what's the intention and make that feel important by protecting yourself. Lube in the condom. Condom directions are included inside each condom package. Sex can Change your life for real.
Click on this Picture in order to see my first attempts at being naked in front of a camera. I was a Vegetarian at that time, 2006, and still enjoyed the sweet song of cheese. "Lust and be lusted for." I wasn't killing meat, and I hope that shows more and more in you too.

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