Goals by Prophecy or Vision:

1. Collage Fund, dote so many need a hand? How many people do you know that need help with their school payments?

2. Since Jesus is proven correct; Homelessness must be solvable in an art science, S.A.N. I Can way.

2.1 Ever hear the rumor about Hong Kong's solution for over crowding? They have these very small apartments. This could be beautifully done, you know really, with solar energy these days. Vegan food ya know! Notice the numbers please.

2.2 Deep in the city, during the cold times, people imagine blinking cars in the night that pick up the cold lonely homeless. Imagine that! Their not the Police. Then they're brought to the perfect shelter for goodwill recovering, means there's hope. Are you all right? Be Vegan well.

3. Further research into Radio Frequency/ Field Recording.

4. Design and build a multi level disease research creative center laboratory.

5. Employ the public, solders, and prisoners of the law to help those people out who dream of that
American Unified Forest. Looks really neat idea! Anyone can plant a tree, and it's nice to be outside during the summer, with me.. Tree's that forgive with time.

6. Find random fellow human beings in serious need and help them anonymously/ possibly create unique sound REC. Vision: Hospital and kids and bills. Jesus Saves, right?

7. Gun control. Dote be afraid. Listen to this... A sound proof area where, with the help of S.A.N. I Can, Non violent for patient personality. Rule of the house: none of the guns can ever leave the place cause they crunch em up right away with a pneumatic press that's within Vegan sight. What I liked about the vision was how much better it was to have the flattened version around after. You shouldn't need to own one, no one's going to hurt you. S.A.N I Can is what peace of mind though energy field manipulation, similar to photography, is suppose to represent. Educate the youth, & Be well;>

7.1 Special guns with modified triggers that only work at the official target range for zero mistakes. I had visions of an eletric floor, that's why.

8. Drugs. The Candy House Plan. Marijuana sold for the use of cooking. A well deserved reward- and a necessary one for an upcoming Vegan. Let me tell you a secret. Meat once ingested gives off the same sensations as marijuana once ingested. Smoking it wasn't God's original plan for Mj. It's legal when you eat it as a Vegan.

9. The Wooden Boat Vision. Sail a boat full of plastic flowers into the shores of somewhere in the Middle East. Doing this will solve an age old riddle that would earn their respect forever. The dreaming vision tells it is so.

10. Visit the Holy Land and I ride on the back of a horsey horse naked! Another great riddle solved, this is something I really dote understand yet, or even claim to comprehend.
sHe's nice.

11. The will of God, who's son's name is Jesus. These are the perfect words for now.

P.S. I realize that other dreams exist, but these are just the ones that always spring to mind.